Battle Buddies was started in 2012 by John and Jo Anne Creed. John, a disabled Marine veteran and Jo Anne originally started by volunteering as puppy raisers for other organizations for mobility disabilities. After meeting several veterans with PTSD and traumatic brain injuries in their state of South Carolina, they saw a need for service dogs and Battle Buddies was born. It all started with one puppy named Camouflage and has grown ever since. Through the generosity of breeders, Battle Buddies starts training puppies at 8 weeks old until they are placed around 18 months. They also rely on puppy raiser families to socialize puppies during that time and take them to obedience training and all their medical visits. Veterans are matched with their battle buddy half way through the puppies training to start the bond. Through fundraising and donations, Battle Buddies has continued to grow to place more service dogs with needy veterans each year. The goal of Battle Buddies is to return the veteran to civilian life with independence.